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         Around the body
        • 1.The executive director will
        • 2.Secretariat
        • 3.Committee of Seven
        • 4. Network (www.shardes.com)
        • 5、……
         Association Introduce
        • International Photography Association, the English name is International photography association abbreviated as IPA. Is technicality which by the various ……
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        • Hong Kong office: Unit A, 9/F Silvercorp International Tower, No.707-713 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon Hong Kong
        • Contact: Ceng Xiaohui 13802512911
        • Email:ipa001@126.com
        • QQ:1070791101
        • Telephone :086-020-38665070
        • Address:room 2005,no.205,huangpu avenue,tianhe district.guangzhou,china
        • Contact:Mr.Shen Miss.Chen
          Association pioneer
        • Honorary Chairman Ji Kuang
        • Honorary Chairman Houmin Lv
        • Honorary Chairman Gongjian Li
        • Chairman (China) Xuxin Zhao
        • vice- chairman (China) Weiqiu Lin
        • vice-chairman (China) Fei Luo
        • vice-chairman (China) Like Liu
        • vice-chairman (America) Jiang gu
        • vice-chairman (Russia) Artem Petukhov